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‘Probate’ refers to an order made by the court which confirms that:

  • the Will is valid
  • the executor appointed by the Will has the authority to collect and deal with the assets of the estate.

A Grant of Probate, also known as a Grant of Representation, is the first step in the process of proving a Will and administering the estate of a deceased person. Grants of Probate are legal documents that enable the executor or administrator to finalize a deceased person’s financial and legal affairs.

How is probate obtained?

Probate is obtained by the executor of the Will applying to the Supreme Court seeking an order for probate. In most states, the executor must provide the court with a summary of the estate including its assets and liabilities.

A probate application consists of a number of documents including:

  • the executor’s affidavit
  • an inventory of assets and liabilities (in most states)
  • a copy of the executor’s advertisement advising of the intention to apply for probate
  • the original Will
  • a certified copy of the full death certificate.

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