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Your Local Employment Defense Lawyer in California

As an employee who is not part of a union, in case you’re involved in some serious issue, you may need employment defense to protect yourself against your employer. To enforce state and federal laws and protect yourself against any illegal actions, you’ll need an expert attorney to combat your employer’s resources, as not having experienced legal counsel can put you at a disadvantage.

An attorney who is well-versed in the relevant employment laws and employment defense procedures of the state of California can assist you with the court proceedings and help you gather all the documentation and witnesses you’ll need. Not only can your lawyer protect you from any unfair strategies your employer might use, but also from a situation where you lose and have to pay the expenses your employer incurred to defend the lawsuit you filed.

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Your Best Chance to Fight Workplace Discrimination

Federal, state, and local laws offer protection and employment defense to employees against persecution and discrimination in the workplace. Such situations may be related to your sex, age, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy or any other. If you feel you’re being harassed or discriminated against by your coworkers or employer, you must inform your employer right away. Stress your rights by being very clear that you will not accept or allow these actions.

Insist that your employer make a written note of the complaint and investigate the matter thoroughly. Remember that your employer is bound by the law to respond instantly to the allegations and take the necessary action to discipline the people responsible for them. On your part, you can keep careful records of the incidents so they can be used in your employment defense.

Don’t Let a Wrongful Termination Rule Your Life

As an employee who has unfairly lost a job, retain an expert attorney who is experienced in handling such cases. Most lawyers specializing in wrongful termination lawsuits work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you won’t have to pay any upfront fee, but agree to pay a percentage of the settlement you win against your employer. Put together a detailed file of the events that occurred leading up to the termination of your job. If you have any hard copies of documents, memos, computer data, or any other relevant information, your attorney can use them when planning your employment defense.

Our Employment Lawyers Know How to Win

Whatever may be the situation you’ve been dealing with in your workplace, our attorneys can plan the perfect employment defense for you. You may have complained about discrimination and harassment in the workplace or you may be thinking about quitting your job because of illegal activities in your place of work. You may also need representation to negotiate severance pay or challenge an allegation that you have not been performing well in the workplace. Retaining an expert attorney can ensure that your interests are well taken care of.