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California’s Legal Experts

For over 15 years, Sadeghi & Associates has provided the highest quality advocacy and representation to our clients. Book an appointment with one of our aggressive Californian law experts.


3 Reasons Not to Settle When Sued as a Business Owner


California’s Most Aggressive Attorneys

Our litigation lawyers are here to ensure you have powerful, experienced team protecting your rights both in and outside of court. We fight on your behalf and win, so you can protect your reputation and your assets.

When a dispute needs to be defended aggressively, Sadeghi & Associates are prepared to protect our clients’ interests.

Probate Lawyers in Orange County

The results driven, sophisticated, and experienced California probate law experts at Sadeghi & Associates bring valuable strength and real world knowledge to every case. We are consistently obtaining outstanding results for our clients.

Business Law & Litigation

We are one of southern California’s most trusted litigation firm. With 15 years of experience in litigation – especially in business litigation – we have sophisticated, knowledgeable and aggressive attorneys that know how to win. When necessary, our litigation experts have the tenacity to litigate a matter to conclusion through trial or appeal, and our track record on appeal is outstanding.

Criminal Law

We show an uncompromising commitment to justice and it is the foundation of our firm. Providing compelling counsel & dynamic representation, our attorneys dedicate themselves to the vigorous pursuit of success.

Real Estate Law

Our clients love us because we understand real estate law,  and offer them the innovation, experience, technical expertise, clarity of advice and commitment to get their property deals done efficiently.

Bankruptcy Law

We help large numbers of individuals and small businesses achieve a fresh financial start by filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California.

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Your Case is Won With Sadeghi & Associates Law Firm

Considering filing a lawsuit? Consult one of our lawyers. As legal professionals, our lawyers can identify which cases can be successful and can save you the cost of a lost lawsuit. We’re familiar with all of the procedures, steps, and paperwork required to present a winning case, and are able to advise you on options such as alternative dispute resolution.

Our Litigation Experts Are With You Every Step of the Way

Outcomes of litigations rely on many different factors, but one of our litigation attorneys will represent you at every step of the lawsuit process. Your case might be settled privately, or you could end up going to court. Either way, our litigation team can advise you whether your case is best suited for court or can be handled better outside of the courtroom. We know the local laws and legal procedures in California, so our legal expertise will put you in a winning position.

We Put Your Interests First, Always

Our objective is to make sure that, where possible, your case never reaches trial. To save you the legal expense, we aim to negotiate with opposing parties to settle outside the courtroom to eliminate the risk and expense of a trial. At all times, Sadeghi & Associates are there to protect your best interests, every step of the way. Should your case go to the trial stage of litigation, one of our attorneys will collaborate with experts and with you to identify strengths and weaknesses, develop persuasive arguments, prepare witnesses, and draft and argue trial motions. When we take on your case, one of our attorneys will be busy around the clock presenting your case before a judge or preparing for your day in court.

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How Sadeghi & Associates Law Firm Can Help Your Business

As professional attorneys, we are focused on protecting your company interests. We can help determine whether litigation is the right course of action for your case, and more importantly, help you business decide whether court action is right for you.

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